KFI Advantage


1) Free SAT and ACT exams Classes/Preparation.

2) You get accredited with the American High School Diploma.

3) Upon admission to the university, our students do not take the mandatory Foundation Program/Courses required for international students.

4) Our students are not required to take the required TOEFL exams for admission into the university.

5) You attend our Intensive American Preparation (IAP) Program.

6) You have access to student counseling and mentorship program facilitated by our certified American Instructors.

7) You get professional assistance in filling out your admission application forms and other documentation.

8) We assist in completing applications for the students Visa.

9) We provide guidance and assist in accessing Internship opportunities for our students.

10) We help them access scholarship opportunities usually not available to International students.

11) Once admitted into the University, we can help in the selection of roommates based on students' or parents’ preferences.

12) We provide counseling for our students while studying abroad should they encounter any challenges.